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IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SULPHUR MINERS – Visiting the sulphur mine of Kawah Ijen, Java, Indonesia thumbnail
Searching myself in Cinque Terre, Italy
(Not so) glamourous moments on the road
Learning life lessons in Trinidad, Cuba
Surviving culture shock in China – Part 1: the crowds, the shameless staring and the spitting | www.lilistravelplans.com
BREATHTAKING VIEWS AND A BUCKET FULL OF SHIT – Visiting Jiuzhaigou national park, China


HIGHLIGHTS OF ALBANIA – A day at Lake Komani thumbnail

‘Let’s get this baby on the roooooaaaaad’', I screamed as I turned the key and hit the gas, ready to drive #TeamWanderlust to Lake Komani in the north of Albania. It had become the slogan of our trip since I first yelled it in some kind of shrill sounding voice on day one of our… Read More

VIDEO GUIDE: DISCOVERING THE NETHERLANDS – A last-minute weekend in Gelderland

I guess it happens to anyone who travels. Every birthday, Christmas or Valentines day you either get a new set of camping plates or quick-drying socks, or a gift voucher for some kind of travel experience. I had five of the latter and for once I decided not to wait for the expiration date to use… Read More

My ABC of the coolest things to do on a road trip in Montenegro

After almost a week of cruising through Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was new country time and we had decided to continue our road trip in Montenegro. It was cheaper to rent a different car in each country, so we dropped off our Bosnian car in Mostar and jumped on a bus to Herceg Novi, right across the… Read More

In photos – A practical guide to Cinque Terre, Italy

A few months ago, right before jumping on a plane to Indonesia, I quickly shared a picture of Manarola, one of the five villages of Cinque Terre, with my then 2400 Instagram followers. It was a 40-hour journey with a 12 hour wifi-less layover in China and by the time I arrived in my hotel I nearly… Read More

PRACTICAL GUIDE – The local tour to the sulphur mine of Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

It had happened almost by accident. I hardly ever watch TV but carelessly zapping around on that dark and grey Sunday afternoon, between cheesy television films and the guy with his way too white teeth selling the latest Ab King Pro on the shopping channel, suddenly something caught my eye. Kawah Ijen. It looked so surreal my finger… Read More



Photo of the week: Havana, Cuba



LOOKING FOR MONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS IN THE WILD – Khao Yai National Park, Thailand thumbnail
CITY GUIDE: How to spend 2,5 days in Washington DC
How to spend 2 days in Hanoi, Vietnam