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(Not so) glamourous moments on the road

Traveling... If you believe everything you see on Facebook, it's all about glitter and glamour and if you take Instagram's word for it, we're all supermodels carying around a curling iron and a pair of heels in our backpack to always be ready for the perfect selfie. Apparently, looking perfect has become more important than… Read More

Surviving culture shock in China – Part 2: the wrong direction, the pushing and the skipping the line

So you kinda liked the spitting and staring stories and came back for more? Great idea! Here's the second and final part of my mini-series about culture shock in China! Before reading on, make sure you've read part 1: the crowds, the spitting and the shameless staring! The fact they always send you somewhere, even… Read More

Surviving culture shock in China – Part 1: the crowds, the shameless staring and the spitting | www.lilistravelplans.com

Remember the article I wrote about my visit to Jiuzhaigou national park in China, which could pretty much be resumed to ‘breathtaking views and a bucket full of shit’? What if I told you that was only the beginning and that I have a lot more stories where that one came from? Don’t worry, they’re… Read More

I’M FROM BELGIUM, RIGHT NEXT TO AMERICA – The sad truth about Chinese sense of geography

"Where you from?", the girl suddenly asks me. She must be about 15 and she and her friend can't stop giggling every time they look at me. I'm on my way from the Great Wall of China to Beijing. The bus is packed and people are standing in the aisle. I've waited for almost 3… Read More

BREATHTAKING VIEWS AND A BUCKET FULL OF SHIT – Visiting Jiuzhaigou national park, China

"This had better be worth it". The thought crossed my mind more than once. The road to Jiuzhaigou was paved with excrements, urine and other bodily fluids. Luckily I'm the kind of girl who LOVES a good culture shock - OK sometimes not exactly while it's happening but ALWAYS when I look back at it… Read More


How to get from Hong Kong to Yangshuo: the stressful way.During my travels, I’ve encountered all kinds of adventures. Good ones but also… well let’s say ‘less good ones’… Now I’m the kind of girl that thinks any travel experience is a good experience - that is as long as you don’t get robbed, violated… Read More

YOU ARE SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! – My Chinese fan club

... in your shorts and Teva sandals, sweating all over the place while your hair's looking like there’s birds living in itChongqing, China, somewhere in the middle of July. The city is one of the 3 places they call ‘the ovens of China’ and I can confirm the name is well chosen. I’ll spare you… Read More

ITINERARY: 20 days in China

From metropoles like Hong Kong and Beijing to places like Langzhong, where no foreigner seems to have been before. From impressive architecture to breathtaking nature. From ages of tradition to hightech developments. China has something to offer for everyone! ITINERARY Day 1 - Arrive in Hong Kong / visit Hong Kong in the afternoon Day… Read More