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PRACTICAL GUIDE – The local tour to the sulphur mine of Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

It had happened almost by accident. I hardly ever watch TV but carelessly zapping around on that dark and grey Sunday afternoon, between cheesy television films and the guy with his way too white teeth selling the latest Ab King Pro on the shopping channel, suddenly something caught my eye. Kawah Ijen. It looked so surreal my finger… Read More

More (not so) glamourous moments on the road

Soooooo, a few weeks ago I was contacted by news.com.au - only THE biggest Australian news website, FYI, so reeeeaaaally no big deal, AHEM - asking me if I'd allow them to publish my '(Not so) glamourous moments on the road' article. A few woohoooooos, a ridiculous looking dance around my kitchen table and a couple of emails… Read More

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SULPHUR MINERS – Visiting the sulphur mine of Kawah Ijen, Java, Indonesia thumbnail

“Just breath slowly in and out and you'll be fine”. Chong was holding my hand in the pitch black night as I tried to control my breathing. Our dim torches were the only source of light but they were enough to see that his eyes weren't letting go of mine for even a second. “It's… Read More