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Hidden gems in Europe – Tolmin gorge, Triglav national park, Slovenia – Best unique places to visit

In exactly 7 weeks, I'll be getting on a plane to Africa. Counting down the days?! Who? Me?!? I have no return ticket, no idea about when I'm coming back to Europe and no plan whatsoever. I figured it was best this way, 'cause the whole time I thought I needed a plan, it was driving… Read More

50 best things to do in Andalusia, Spain (Andalucia)

You might wanna get some popcorn, too. And a drink. Ready? Alright, the best things to do in Andalusia... I should probably start this post by talking about beaches and bull fights. Paella and flamenco dancers. Julio Iglesias and 75 year old German couples in matching outfits who want to get away from the cold of… Read More

UN DÍA EN… – The white villages of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain thumbnail

'¡Hola! ¿Sabe donde puedo comer algo por aquí? ' I asked the old man that was slowly making his way through the town of Cútar if he knew where I could find something to eat. It was way past noon, the sun was burning and the roads were steep, and I didn't manage to walk much faster… Read More

UN DIA EN… – Hiking the Caminito del Rey, Andalucía, Spain

!Hola! ?Qué tal? Yes, chicos and chicas, I just got back from enjoying la playa and the sun in Andalucía for 6 weeks! I’m not even gonna pretend I was there for anything else than fun and relaxing... But as long as I share the good times with you, I’m sure you don’t mind! Right… Read More