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Live music on every square, people dancing in the streets in the middle of the day, the laid-back atmosphere that reigns all over the country, … Cuba will make you fall in love from the moment you get out of the plane. So grab a cocktail and a handmade cigar, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. In an old-timer, of course!

Learning life lessons in Trinidad, Cuba

You’re right, it’s not your feet that will hurt from drinking one (or two, or three…) too many of those perfect mojito’s, it’s your head… But who cares? You’re in Trinidad! Dear old Trinidad… You’re like everything that’s authentic about Cuba gathered together in one single place. I rarely visit the same place twice, but you’ve been… Read More

The ABC of things to do in Cuba

I recently found out that in Belgium, nobody under 84 actually uses the word 'cool' anymore. I wasn't in the know yet and unfashionably pronounced those 4 letters when in company of some teenagers who must have thought I was close to retirement. They looked at me as if they'd seen a unicorn sitting on… Read More