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50 best things to do in Andalusia, Spain (Andalucia)

You might wanna get some popcorn, too. And a drink. Ready? Alright, the best things to do in Andalusia... I should probably start this post by talking about beaches and bull fights. Paella and flamenco dancers. Julio Iglesias and 75 year old German couples in matching outfits who want to get away from the cold of… Read More

That time I decided to enjoy the moment rather than sharing it with the world – Taking a break from blogging and a holiday from traveling

We didn’t go to Tegal Wangi beach unprepared. With two backpacks full of camera’s, tripods, filters and whatnot, my friend and I were ready for the perfect sunset shot on that hidden beach in Bali. There was nobody, except for a couple having their wedding pictures taken, and we’d had to walk for over an hour… Read More

HIGHLIGHTS OF ALBANIA – A day at Lake Komani thumbnail

‘Let’s get this baby on the roooooaaaaad’', I screamed as I turned the key and hit the gas, ready to drive #TeamWanderlust to Lake Komani in the north of Albania. It had become the slogan of our trip since I first yelled it in some kind of shrill sounding voice on day one of our… Read More

My ABC of the coolest things to do on a road trip in Montenegro

After almost a week of cruising through Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was new country time and we had decided to continue our road trip in Montenegro. It was cheaper to rent a different car in each country, so we dropped off our Bosnian car in Mostar and jumped on a bus to Herceg Novi, right across the… Read More

My ABC of the best things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Road tripping has always been my favorite way of traveling. Maybe it's because there's nothing like that feeling of total freedom that you get when you turn the key and hit the road, the possibility to go wherever you want whenever you feel like it and to just stop every time you drive by an… Read More

More (not so) glamourous moments on the road

Soooooo, a few weeks ago I was contacted by news.com.au - only THE biggest Australian news website, FYI, so reeeeaaaally no big deal, AHEM - asking me if I'd allow them to publish my '(Not so) glamourous moments on the road' article. A few woohoooooos, a ridiculous looking dance around my kitchen table and a couple of emails… Read More

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SULPHUR MINERS – Visiting the sulphur mine of Kawah Ijen, Java, Indonesia thumbnail

“Just breath slowly in and out and you'll be fine”. Chong was holding my hand in the pitch black night as I tried to control my breathing. Our dim torches were the only source of light but they were enough to see that his eyes weren't letting go of mine for even a second. “It's… Read More

Searching myself in Cinque Terre, Italy

Skyscanner - everywhere. It wasn't just the start of a new trip. Not just another destination to tick off my constantly changing bucketlist. It was much more than 4 days of rushing to get it all in and get back home in time for daily habits waiting for me on the next Monday morning. This… Read More

10 Reasons why travel blogging is the hardest job in the world… and why I think they’re all crap

Complaining. It seems to be the latest fashion. Every. Single. Article I find about travel blogging seems to be an attempt to convince the world they shouldn't be jealous, because 'being a travel blogger isn't always fun, it's a lot of hard work, too'... A 10 point list of reasons why it’s soooo hard and horrible… Read More

(Not so) glamourous moments on the road

Traveling... If you believe everything you see on Facebook, it's all about glitter and glamour and if you take Instagram's word for it, we're all supermodels carying around a curling iron and a pair of heels in our backpack to always be ready for the perfect selfie. Apparently, looking perfect has become more important than… Read More