Well I guess it’s official… The moment has arrived! I’m writing my very first article about Belgium!

My dear Belgium… Don’t ask me why but I never thought that one day I’d write about you. Maybe it’s because I don’t see you in the same way that I see all those other countries I’m so desperately drawn to. All those places with unknown cultures, exotic beaches and sunsets and exciting adventures about which I have hundreds of stories to tell. Maybe too often I take you for granted. As if you’ll always be there. Like you always have. Maybe I don’t find you quite as exciting, because I’ve gotten so used to you and know you all too well.

But you still manage to surprise me. And yesterday at the Hallerbos, you blew me off my feet. It wasn’t even the first time I went there, but every time it has the same effect on me. Maybe because it only looks like this a couple of weeks a year.

Maybe, probably, because it’s just drop-dead gorgeous…

A day in the fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium

The Hallerbos (bos meaning forest and Halle being the city in which it’s located) is located in Flemish Brabant, about 20 km south of the center of Brussels. It’s perfect for a walk all year round, but in april, when the tens of thousands of bluebells are in bloom, it’s one of the prettiest, most fairy-like places I have ever seen.

I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking from here, because I don’t know what I could possibly say to make this place look any more beautiful than it already is… (and also because I have a new photography addiction and can’t stop taking pictures, haha). Head to the bottom of this page for some practical information!
The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, BelgiumThe fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, BelgiumA day in the fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, BelgiumThe fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, BelgiumThe fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium

The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium

Practical information

The Hallerbos is open all year round and entrance is free. A map of the forest with hiking trails can be downloaded here and some more information about the walks over here. These are self-guided but on different moments, usually Sundays, there’s also guided tours. Check out this link for the full calender. There’s shorter and longer walks of different difficulties and picnic tables where you can sit down to eat and enjoy the views, so you can really spend as much time as you like over here. Just a couple of hours or a whole day, it’s completely up to you!

On the website, under ‘bloom bluebells’, regular videos give updates about the blooming of the bluebells and the trees around them (and also all year long about the other plants but if you have the chance you should REALLY come here to see the bluebells). Usually April is the best time to visit (well it is still Belgium, so check the weather first!).

All information about accommodation, where to eat and getting there by car or by public transportation can also be found on the website.

Insider tip 1: if you go there by car and unless you like spending 2 hours in a stationary car, do not – I repeat DO NOT – take the ring road comming from Brussels – aka the most congested city in the world – between more or less 7 and 9.30 am or going back to Brussels between give or take 3.30 and 6.30 pm (from 2 or 3 pm on Fridays). If you’re heading away from Brussels, it should be fine.

Insider tip 2: if you’re comming, call me, I live only 20 minutes away! 🙂

The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium

The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium

22 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME IN A FARAWAY KINGDOM – The fairy-like Hallerbos, Halle, Belgium”

  1. can’t help it but I love your post about Belgium. Maybe because it’s because I have plans to go there next week. Still not sure though. Looking for a place to camp nearby and I want at least some dry weather. Love your pictures! Did you get a new camera?

    1. Hehe thank you! 🙂 Let me know if you do decide to come! I never go camping in Halle so no idea about that, sorry 🙂 And yes I got a new camera not so long ago and took a photography course and everything and now I’m totally addicted! 🙂

  2. hey, liesbeth. very good choice for a first article, i’m personally very keen on wilderness and outdoor activities. the place is really nice and belgium is one of my fave countries in europe, esp. because of the amazing architecture (leuven and gent left me speechless). good luck with yr project and keep going. if you feel likfe check on my FB page, where BE is pictured on a 2002 album. leave yr comments, likes, suggestions. i’m open to new ideas! next: bolivia/peru 1986 and morocco 1991. =D

  3. I only spent a week in Belgium, but loved everything! I went in February (off-season) so I missed out on the spring flowers. Thank you for the reminder that I need to go back for another visit to Belgium, to stop and smell the flowers!

  4. First off, the photos look astoundingly surreal and out of this world! It’s like the sceneries were only captured to be viewed on a movie screen! The beautiful art of nature plus great photography equals these masterpieces! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us even though it’s only through virtual but you made us inspired and motivated to work our asses off to even just visit this place!

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