From New York to New Orleans in 24 days. One week of city tripping in NY and Washington DC, followed by a road trip of more than 3300 km through Virginia and the South. 3300 km traveled by car & 300 km by train 56 hours on the road 12 states crossed – 6 visited 11 different hotels


Day 1NYC: A visit to Central Park in the afternoon

Day 2 – NYC: Manhattan (Rockefeller center, Broadway, Times Square, Grand central station, Public library, Wall Street, Ground Zero)

Day 3 – NYC: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge

Day 4 – NYC: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Day 5 – NYC: Coney Island, Chinatown and SoHo

Day 6 – Train NYC – Washington DC in the morning (3,5h) / Visit the White House and walk around Tidal Bassin in the afternoon

Day 7Washington DC: Capitol, Library of Congress, Museum of American Indian and Air&Space Museum

Day 8 – Washington DC: Holocaust memorial museum, Museum of Natural History and Museum of American History

Day 9 – Arlington national cemetery / Start road trip, drive through Horse Country to Front Royal, Virginia (190km, back roads)

Day 10 – Shenandoah national Park (Skyline Drive, 150km & drive to Charlottesville (40km)

Day 11 – Charlottesville – Monticello and University of Virginia & drive to Williamsburg (200km)

Day 12 – Colonial Williamsburg & drive to Petersburg (100km, back roads)

Day 13 – Battlefield Petersburg & drive to Charleston (600km)

Day 14 – Folly Beach (40km from Charleston)

Day 15 – Charleston historic center: Gateway walk, Nathaniel Russel House, Rainbow Row, King St.

Day 16Boone Hall plantation (30km from Charleston) / Late afternoon: historic center Charleston (Old slave market)

Day 17 – Magnolia plantation (25km from Charleston) & drive to Savannah with a stop in Beaufort (180km)

Day 18 – Savannah: city center

Day 19 – Wormsloe plantation (10km from Savannah) & drive to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, part 1 (450km)

Day 20 – Drive to Baton Rouge, part 2 (650km, through Alabama and Mississippi)

Day 21River Road following the Mississippi river to New Orleans, visit Nottoway plantation and Laura plantation

Day 22Swamp tour Honey Island (60km from New Orleans)/ Afternoon: City Park New Orleans and Museum of Art / End road trip

Day 23 – New Orleans: visit St. Louis Cathedral and souvenir shopping

Day 24 – New Orleans: visit Lafayette cemetery n°1 and Presbytere and souvenir shopping

11 thoughts on “ITINERARY: 24 days in the USA”

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  3. I’m a huge road tripper myself but still have yet to make it down to the deep south, I’ll def have to throw this on my road trip bucket list. Was this a trip you already went on or one you have coming up?

    1. Texas in general is wonderful, we’ve visited our relatives in Dallas – over 2 weekends had 3 hikes to absolutely wonderful trails(all around Big Bend), shot some targets at local ranges(I didn’t even know stuff like Taurus guns exists). Definitely can recommend, some of the nicest folks there!

  4. Did you ever visit Denver? I heard it is a great city. I keep asking travel bloggers to get as much info as possible.
    I am slowly gathering information to build my USA itinerary. Hope I get to visit them all one day.

    Great itinerary by the way. Hope you loved every second of the trip.

  5. I am an adventurous soul who loves to travel. I have been fortunate enough to see many places around the world, but there is one place that has been on my bucket list for a while now – New Orleans.

  6. What I love about this blog is it’s not only incredibly entertaining, but also a wealth of information, with a lot of wonderful people who I wish I could sit across the table from and listen to their stories.

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