From New York to New Orleans in 24 days. One week of city tripping in NY and Washington DC, followed by a road trip of more than 3300 km through Virginia and the South. 3300 km traveled by car & 300 km by train 56 hours on the road 12 states crossed – 6 visited 11 different hotels


Day 1NYC: A visit to Central Park in the afternoon

Day 2 – NYC: Manhattan (Rockefeller center, Broadway, Times Square, Grand central station, Public library, Wall Street, Ground Zero)

Day 3 – NYC: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge

Day 4 – NYC: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Day 5 – NYC: Coney Island, Chinatown and SoHo

Day 6 – Train NYC – Washington DC in the morning (3,5h) / Visit the White House and walk around Tidal Bassin in the afternoon

Day 7Washington DC: Capitol, Library of Congress, Museum of American Indian and Air&Space Museum

Day 8 – Washington DC: Holocaust memorial museum, Museum of Natural History and Museum of American History

Day 9 – Arlington national cemetery / Start road trip, drive through Horse Country to Front Royal, Virginia (190km, back roads)

Day 10 – Shenandoah national Park (Skyline Drive, 150km & drive to Charlottesville (40km)

Day 11 – Charlottesville – Monticello and University of Virginia & drive to Williamsburg (200km)

Day 12 – Colonial Williamsburg & drive to Petersburg (100km, back roads)

Day 13 – Battlefield Petersburg & drive to Charleston (600km)

Day 14 – Folly Beach (40km from Charleston)

Day 15 – Charleston historic center: Gateway walk, Nathaniel Russel House, Rainbow Row, King St.

Day 16Boone Hall plantation (30km from Charleston) / Late afternoon: historic center Charleston (Old slave market)

Day 17 – Magnolia plantation (25km from Charleston) & drive to Savannah with a stop in Beaufort (180km)

Day 18 – Savannah: city center

Day 19 – Wormsloe plantation (10km from Savannah) & drive to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, part 1 (450km)

Day 20 – Drive to Baton Rouge, part 2 (650km, through Alabama and Mississippi)

Day 21River Road following the Mississippi river to New Orleans, visit Nottoway plantation and Laura plantation

Day 22Swamp tour Honey Island (60km from New Orleans)/ Afternoon: City Park New Orleans and Museum of Art / End road trip

Day 23 – New Orleans: visit St. Louis Cathedral and souvenir shopping

Day 24 – New Orleans: visit Lafayette cemetery n°1 and Presbytere and souvenir shopping

9 thoughts on “ITINERARY: 24 days in the USA”

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  3. I’m a huge road tripper myself but still have yet to make it down to the deep south, I’ll def have to throw this on my road trip bucket list. Was this a trip you already went on or one you have coming up?

  4. Did you ever visit Denver? I heard it is a great city. I keep asking travel bloggers to get as much info as possible.
    I am slowly gathering information to build my USA itinerary. Hope I get to visit them all one day.

    Great itinerary by the way. Hope you loved every second of the trip.

  5. I am an adventurous soul who loves to travel. I have been fortunate enough to see many places around the world, but there is one place that has been on my bucket list for a while now – New Orleans.

  6. What I love about this blog is it’s not only incredibly entertaining, but also a wealth of information, with a lot of wonderful people who I wish I could sit across the table from and listen to their stories.

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