Seriously, next time I hear one of these, I think I’ll scream!!

Like this... Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Like this… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I guess everyone who travels is confronted to it regularly: people who have a different idea about traveling / going on vacation and ask plenty of questions about your way of doing it and the importance traveling has in your life. I love these conversations! When there’s mutual respect for each other’s choices, when people genuinely want to hear me talk about my passion and are interested in discovering something they’ve never done themselves. I love listening to those people when they tell me about the things they love as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a subject I’m personally interested in or not, as long as they’re passionate about it, I like to listen.


But it doesn’t always go like that. More than once I’ve been confronted to people that don’t just ask questions. They don’t just want to know about my passion and discover something new in a let’s-all-be-ourselves-and-accept-our-differences kind of way. They want to judge and criticize.

Another group are the oooooh-I’m-so-jealous-of-you type of people. They’re always asking about your travels, constantly saying how they’ve wanted to do the same thing ‘ALL THEIR LIVES’, only to come up with an excuse why they don’t ten seconds later.

Here’s my list of questions and comments about traveling I don’t want to hear anymore… And you know what, I’ll even answer them, but it’s the last time, OK?d

7 Comments about traveling I never want to hear again 7 Comments about traveling I never want to hear again 7 Comments about traveling I never want to hear again


1. Oooh you’ve been to Cuba?!? I’ve been dreaming of going there all my life!!!

This one obviously works with any other country as well. My spontaneous answer usually is:

“Well then… go!“

Which usually leads to points 2 or 3 (or a combination of both).

2. I couldn’t afford to travel like you do!

So I ask them: “If I can, then why couldn’t you?”

I usually get an answer about the planning part of the trip (I’ll talk about that in point 3) or an answer about money, something like this:

Other person: “You must make more money than I do.”
Me: “What’s that shiny thing you’re holding in your hand there? Ooooh the latest iPhone… I love how it matches your expensive designer shoes!”

Of course everybody that asks me this question doesn’t wear designer shoes, but what I’m saying is that it’s all about making choices. Yes I have a good salary right now but I also traveled when I earned € 1400 a month and had to pay € 700 on rent, electricity, water and gas. That left me with only € 700 to live with and I still managed to put aside € 1800 in 1 year for a trip to Cuba. Did I buy expensive clothes or eat out twice a week? No, I didn’t… (in fact I still don’t, I’d still rather put my money aside for my travels!)

3. Planning the whole trip myself?!? Oh no, I wouldn’t be able to do that!!

There’s 2 versions of this one:

“You say traveling isn’t that expensive but that’s only because you arrange everything yourself…

… but I wouldn’t be able to do that, so I’d have to book with a tour operator, which will make it more expensive!”

… but I don’t have time to do that, so I’d have to book with a tour operator, which will make it more expensive! “

My honest opinion? If you can write, read, count and hold a map, then you can plan a trip. If you don’t HAVE time, you MAKE time. If you can’t even make time for something you say you’ve been dreaming about all your life, then maybe you don’t want it as bad as you say you do! If you’re not even interested enough in that dream country of yours to read a travel guide about it, then don’t be surprised when you find yourself in that same all-in hotel with the same people, food and horrible animation for the 9th year in a row!

(I have absolutely NOTHING against people who go to the same all-in hotel every year, as long as they’re happy about it!)

4. Aren’t you scared? What if you get lost? Or something bad happens? Imagine you have an accident, or someone steals your money? And you don’t even speak the language!!!

Why would I be scared? Why would I get lost? Actually, why would I mind getting lost in the first place? It’s the best way to really get to know a country! Have you never heard of a thing called a map? And even if I did get really lost, it’s not like I could fall of the earth and would never be found again, is it? I’m not going to a deserted island and I’m not going to walk into the jungle all by myself either – I’m adventurous, not stupid! – so there’ll probably be somebody to help me. I speak 4 languages and I’m not ashamed of making weird gestures to explain myself. “Turn right at the 4th crossroads” is not THAT difficult to explain using your hands, you know?!?

Why would it be more likely that something bad happens when I’m abroad than when I’m at home? Accidents happen everywhere. I’ve lived in Brussels for over a year and nobody was worried. Have you ever checked any foreign embassy’s website for safety information about Brussels? They probably judge it’s more dangerous than most of the places I visit during my trips.

I don’t wear big golden chains around my neck while I travel (nor when I’m at home for that matter, in case you’d be worried) and I’m not going to stand in the middle of the street waiving my wallet and passport around in the air either. So again, why would I be more likely to be robbed away from home?

5. What do your parents say about it? Wouldn’t they prefer if you stayed at home safely?

Do you honestly think my parents would be more happy to know I’m not doing the things I love just because of them???

My parents raised me to be a strong and independent person. They didn’t teach me to walk in line or follow standards just because other people think it has to be like that. They taught me to be able to take care of myself, live my life the way I want it and to be happy.

They don’t expect me to ask them what they think of my choices and they’ve NEVER EVER asked me thinks like “wouldn’t it be time you’d…”. They’re happy when I am.

(This doesn’t mean I don’t ask for their advice when I have a difficult choice to make, I do and they give me their honest opinion – the one they think would make ME most happy – but that’s not what we’re talking about here.)

6. Wouldn’t it be time to grow up, get married and start having children? You know, have a REAL life?

I find this one of the worst! Especially because it usually comes from people that hardly know me but still seem to think it’s appropriate to ask these kind of questions.

A real life according to who? It’s not because it doesn’t correspond to your way of seeing things that it isn’t real. I’ll decide if I want to get married and have children. My life, my choice, not your business!

7. There’s so many beautiful things to see close to home, I really don’t understand why you have to go that far!

First of all: I don’t need people to understand. Secondly, of course there’s many beautiful things to see close to home. But traveling isn’t only about seeing things. It’s about EXPERIENCING them. New things, different things, unknown things.

I’m sure the south of France is lovely but I doubt I’ll be able to assist to a Buddhist mass or dance salsa all night with the locals over there. I doubt I’ll have to bribe a police officer to avoid getting arrested for a fake traffic violation. I doubt I’ll see alligators and monkeys in the wild or that I’ll witness the results of the Vietnam war with my own eyes. I doubt I’ll meet people who don’t even know where Europe is or others that are so stuck in communism, the simple fact of asking them “why” is something they’re completely unable to handle. I doubt I’ll see people proudly driving around with a “war veteran” sticker on their wheelchair and complete strangers walking up to them to thank them for their sacrifice.

That’s what traveling is about. That’s why I go so far. That’s why close to home isn’t and will never be enough.

How about you? What’s the comment about traveling that drives you nuts? Tell me all about it in the comments, and we’ll scream aaaaaaaaaaaah together!


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  2. Love this post! I hate hearing #2. I live a bit like a scrooge so I can afford to travel. it isn’t that hard to save if you really want to travel, and I still do go out and have a social life, I just don’t spend a small fortune on it!

  3. Great post. Don’t forget people who are worried about terrorists, the language barrier, or getting sick from the food.

    1. Yeah I know what you’re talking about: those people that ‘advise’ you to never eat outside of your hotel “because in China they always put cat meat in your food instead of chicken”. They’ve usually seen it on television… 🙂 Hahaha it’s so funny!

    2. Love this post! I can relate to so many points. I have a new one to add: recently I came back from Japan and one of the first questions someone asked me was: “What did you buy?” I said nothing and she was so shocked that I would go somewhere and not buy anything! 🙂

      1. Yes great example! The same thing happened to me when I went to the USA this summer! 🙂 Even before I left, people were telling me not to put too much in my bag, to leave space for everything I was going to buy. They were mostly talking about clothes and electronic devices. I was like “uuuuh I think I’ll have way better things to do than buying clothes and cellphones!!” 🙂

    3. Yes to number 4!! Before doing my solo trip through Asia a lot of people said I was crazy and would be unsafe to which I said “all statistics show that I’ll actually be safer there than in America!!”

    4. As an American (and an independent traveler) #1 makes me legitimately jealous, but for all the rest you’re spot on!

    5. Loved this post! 

      Hear these way more often than I would like too. And I have barely begun my venture around the world. 

      I have always been an independent soul and so for me pacing up and leaving a place is no biggie, but for those around me and shall I add those who do not add anything to my travels, life, support etc seem to think I am the one that’s crazy. 

      The box life was never meant for me, competely evident over the years and my career. Luckily I have ventured into my own thing and so far its been the happiest time I have ever spent on myself in years. 

      Loved this post, so real and blunt. 

      Keep it up! 

      And you can find me on twitter at @CeecesTravel, most certainly going to find you 🙂 


      1. Hi Cee! Thanks so much for this sincere and honest answer! You are soooo right, the comments usually come from people who have nothing to teach us… Keep on going, don’t let anyone stop you and just live your life to the fullest, the way YOU want it! Hugs, Liesbeth

    6. Ugh! A comment that drives me nuts is “Stay safe!” I’m not suicidal so why would I do something unsafe??

    7. All so true, especially number 4. I usually tell them that where I live (London) is statistically more dangerous than most of the places I actually travel to, and that usually does the trick!

      1. Haha really enjoyed this! I totally get you too! I’m always asked about money and my parents. Which is funny because my parents encourage travel and as for cash, like you I don’t spend big at home. I have a tiny tv, I don’t clothes shop for the latest trends and I don’t eat out often. And it’s all totally worth it!

      2. Not even sure why I read this, I’ve heard it all so many times. 3 is legitimate I can’t plan tomorrow but it doesn’t stop me from traveling. And starting a real life? I started a real life 2 years by getting rid of possessions and living more in 2 years than most people do in a lifetime.

      3. I absolutely agree with your points, except for you first one. I make that comment a lot, not because I envy you, or because I am putting it off, just because my bucket list of so friggin long that I just don’t seem to get to all the countries I want to visit quick enough, lol! 😀

      4. laughing at this post. i hear that one about how do you afford all that travel all the freaking time. like is it anyone’s business? I didn’t ask them for money to help contribute.  the part about the real life (married and children) is so comical yet i have relatives that would spew that off their breath at any given time.  people just don’t get it. lol 😀

      5. Nice Blog, you make me laugh. I have to say number 4 is the most common one I hear, especially after travelling to China over the years…I just love
        that country. I like to show people how I can communicate with anyone
        with my hand gestures and a large button calculator which usually leaves
        them scratching their head wondering.
        PS- if you happen across anyone in your travels and they ask you if
        using a calculator is an internationally accepted form of communication,
        especially for commerce, tell them yes.

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      7. Wow, Liesbeth. Another well-written and powerful post. Nicely done! Your posts are excellent. Keep them coming.
        I lived in Brussels for 2.5 years and loved meeting Belgians.
        PS: My heartfelt condolences for the terrible attacks last week in Brussels. This must be an awful time for Belgians.

        1. Hey Roy, thanks so much for reading and for your kind words! Yes it’s been a big shock and my thoughts go out to all the victims but it’s also created many moments of support and love. People have been out in the streets, hugging each other (even total strangers), writing messages of love and support just like that on the asphalt and things like that 🙂 And we’re all pretty much sticking together and saying “we’ll keep on enjoying our lives no matter what”. So indeed a horrible moment but I’m happy to see we’re replying with love instead of more hate!

      8. A great post that all long term backpackers can relate to.
        #6 is the one question that I dislike.
        I am 62 and have been traveling for 4 years and I LOVE IT.


      9. I feel as if you took the words out of my mouth. So, it is really that common to hear those comments and million excuses (I’ve heard from other travelers too). I remember my cooworkers complaining about not being able to travel because of the lack of money…earning the same as me (not having to support anyone if you wonder).

        1. Or the ones that DO have to support someone, eg a child! How often I’ve heard “yeah well you can spend all your money on travel but I have children you know?!?”. Usually I’m like: “you probably CHOOSE to have children yourself, right?!?” (at least I hope they did!!) So it’s still all about choices!!

      10. OMG I love this post! People been telling me: how come you are everywhere, don’t you need to work, are you earning that much money etc…

        Seriously, doesnt matter if it is about life or travel, you make time when you want something bad enough. You prioritize your spending and do whatever it takes to make it possible. It is all about life choices.

        1. Thank you! 🙂 It definitely is, there’s always a way if it’s your true dream!!! (well maybe not always because I do realize very well that not everyone’s as lucky as I am but that’s a whole other discussion…) Have a great day!!!

      11. Thank you girl ! This is exaclty my answers to that questions all the time. Tomorow am flying to Brazil from Morocco, and hearing bunch of comments like u are crazy to risk your life/ why that far/ why not scared alone there ..but reading this makes me feel way better keep on traveling and writing

      12. I hear No. 2 alot grrrr.

        You should add another point….” Q: Where you from?” which is another way of subconsciously categorising someone based on where they are born or live.

      13. Agreed. Though I think I understand the last point – there ARE a lot of wonderful things all around us that we need to enjoy while not traveling as well. Otherwise, I think you’ve missed the whole point.

        1. Oh I totally agree! There’s beautiful things to see everywhere and we should get out there and see them even when we’re at home. But what I wanted to say is that I don’t want to stop there 🙂 I want to go further and see things that are not like home. And more important even: experience things that are different from home! But I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about 🙂 Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

      14. I totally agree with all of this. I feel like there has been an underlying theme of jealousy whenever I’ve had these conversations. It doesn’t feel intentional or outright mean; but having been on the “why would you want to do that?” side of things, I clearer picture of the motivations behind these (usually accidentally) snippy comments. The person I had been giving a hard time wound up being the person whose “if I can do it, so can you” type statement inspired me to move to South Korea… a place I loved so much I stayed for 4 years!

      15. Mei and Kerstin (from

        Hahaha!!! Love this post!!! Totally agree with you! We’ve got to hear #2 and #3 all the time.. well at least up until the last few months, as we’ve just bought an apartment. Now people keep saying: “oh that’s good! You’ve finally decided to settle down and be real responsible adults… (Wtf??!!) Now it’s finally over with all the travelling, now you’ll put all your money in your new home and you’ll see it’ll be much better than spending it on travel..” But our answers usually shock them: “umm.. Nope. We’ll keep travelling the world. New home or not we won’t even touch that money that we’ve saved and keep saving money for travelling. And.. Sorry, but don’t expect to see us at your monthly barbecue parties in your backyard. We’ve always been on the road during weekends, holidays & days off, and this won’t change due to a “new” home.”

        1. As if putting all your money into your home was such a great investment. Sure, just go and buy more stuff, that will open your mind and teach you so much…people just don’t get it..

      16. I would add one for traveling with your kids “it’s selfish of you to drag your kid all over the world” or something similar. I disagree. I think it’s a good education for kids and adults alike.

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      18. Hahaaa, I love this article! I just got back from a 5 months trip and I’ve heard every single question multiple times! I find the most annoying when people start talking about other people my age and how they are married, having babies and building a dream house as if they want to make me feel guilty about not having all of that. If I tell them that I don’t want this and am pretty happy with the way things are at the moment, I get the weirdest looks! Time to get out of here again, I think!

      19. great post!! when I told my parents that me and my husband wanted to quit our regular lives and go to South America they started telling us stories about killed priests, organ trafficking and people who have been robbed and injured, and at that point we hadn’t even chosen which countries we were gonna go to…as if the whole continent was uniform, dangerous and every country a no go territory…I also heard nr 7…also when I told my mum we were going for about 1 year, no having any clue as to how long it will actually go on for, she asked me, ‘ok and what are you gonna do after that year’ …it’s like asking a new born baby what university they want to go to…oh and the best of all, my dad told me that if we wanted to work for free (re volunteering) we could just stay and work for his company for free, turning the whole thing into a joke (!!!!!!) at that point I decided not to talk about the topic because it’s really difficult not to get angry even though I know they have my best interest at heart…there’s just no point talking to someone whose mind set and values are completely different from yours. They just won’t understand and that’s their right.

      20. I’m not keen on “you are sooooooooo brave”. No, not really. Giving up a stressful job to travel with no fixed itinerary, meeting new people, seeing beautiful places and having new experiences virtually every day is not brave, It’s just Not What People Do!

      21. I must live in a bubble with very strange people, I never get any of these reactions. What I find way more annoying are people telling me what I have to see in a place otherwise I haven’t seen it all. For example no one understood why I wouldn’t go on safari on Kenya and instead chose to meet as many people as possible in their normal course of live…

      22. love this. Thankfully I’ve never experienced any of these. Instead I get constantly the ‘do you actually work?’ line. Well yes I do but that still leaves me bank holidays, the six weeks of leave I do get and every weekend. That comes to around 140 days which is over a third of the year!

      23. ‘Oh you love travelling? Cool me too! I went to Mexico last year. The weather was great. And the best bit was it was all inclusive so we didn’t even have to leave the resort.’


      24. I love this post. I get those questions all the time. I especially hate the “when are you going to settle down” one – I don’t think you need to be constantly in one place to be settled. In fact when I am in one place for a long time I feel less settled and unhappy.

      25. Such a good read I totally can relate to so many of these I hear all the time. I especially liked “Planning the whole trip myself?!? Oh no, I wouldn’t be able to do that!!” For me planning is so much fun and informative. I have been in love with Travel and in fact I collected my fav travel quotes with my travel images at

      26. i love this post ! You describe very well what every traveler faces everyday ! i enjoy your blog very much, keep posting !

      27. Hi! I actually just came across your blog and I love it considering you seem just like me haha. And to say something about this post, I literally hear it all! The worst is the starting a real life thing. Everyone is in their own little world and if you wanna have an average husband and two hellacious kids by the age of 20 then so be it, but let me live my life!! 🙂 Funny thing actually, I was backpacking Europe in myself..first time ever to Europe..and 1 week after I got home all that stuff in Brussels happened. I was JUST THERE..and guess what? I’m going back overseas to Europe in a month because bad stuff can happen anywhere. Anyways, keep doin your thang girl. I love it <3

      28. Good post! I have a slightly different perspective to add to this blog (which I enjoyed reading)
        From my experience, many people who ask such questions have several unrealized dreams. Inside, they really want to see the world, but are held captive for one reason or another, by fear.
        It sounds like you are fortunate to have parents who have encouraged you to look beyond. I have councilled too many people who have adopted their parents, families and friends fears and insecurities.
        Enjoy your journey! Encourage those you can and meet as many new and interesting people as you possibly can!

        1. Hi Jim! Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, I love it! I totally agree with your point of view, and also realize I’m very lucky 🙂 Of course this article was more a funny look at the subject so I didn’t really approach the more serious side of it but I totally relate to what you’re saying! Thanks again and I wish you an amazing journey!

          1. Sometimes I forget to turn off the counseling side of my brain!! Loved the blog – even when I stopped analyzing “why” people react to your awesome experiences. Have a good one!! Keep up the good posts!!

        2. Hi, great post! Can relate to all of those! My least favourite comments are, when I’m going away on my own, people either say ‘Oh didn’t your boyfriend or friends want to go?’ or ‘ Oh, won’t you get lonely/be scared/get bored. I couldn’t do it’. It’s like people don’t get that some people like to travel solo!

        3. Came here from list of why you can’t follow the. ” rules ” to getting followers. Love your style n content. Keep up the good work. I’m subscribing … For ur free spirit !!!

        4. Yes to all of these! Especially about not being able to afford to travel. This is said to me by some many people who are in the same position as me, but CHOOSING to spend their money on other things. And they talk as though I have some magical travel fund that falls into my lap!

        5. Hah, I love answering #2! I have never been a high earner, tend to live in countries where the salaries are not very high and yet it’s my much-more-earning friends in my home country who normally ask me this question. Well let’s see, we are sitting on your 1000-Euro-sofa, watching one of your three TV’s in the house you own… I don’t have a house, a sofa or a TV. You have plenty of money as long as you don’t spend it on silly things like that!

        6. I need to calm down now. Reading these comments… – yep, they drive me crazy too. Number 6 is my pet peeve as well, if someone says that to me I start a lecture and a rant. Anyway – you’re making good points!

        7. Right there with you. I am so done with those questions as well. For us, the usual questions are:
          can you actually plan yourself? Should I break it to them that I worked years as a travel consultant and I still do that on the side?! Neah.
          how can you afford to travel? Easy, very easy.
          why do you go abroad? Because, unlike you I like to explore various cultures. Ahem
          We do get the children question but we just ignore it nowadays .
          I am just rolling my eyes nowadays instead of answering =)) But you should hear my inner voice’s answer :)))

        8. First it was, “but you’re married, you can’t backpack!” Umm, why? Followed quite a few years later by, “But you’re not taking the kids, right?” Wrong! They can backpack too!

          1. Hahaha Elaine it sounds like you’re the worst wife and mother in the world. Seriously, making your kids backpack?? 😀 Hahahaha, keep on rocking it, what better gift could you possible give to your kids than the desire to see the world?!?

        9. haha so true 🙂 just.. I have kids, I am married a job and kinda a grown up but I never traveled more than now .. traveling / family is not a one or the other choice ^^

        10. You’re right, the sixth one is the worst. Society tell us what we have to do and when since the moment we are born and it shouldn’t be that way. The world is so beautiful and there are so many amazing places to know that people shouldn’t stay their whole life in just one place. I really admire people like you. Hopefully, one day I can do the same thing. I’m working on it! 🙂

        11. I can ao relate to no 6!!! Especially now when I am 30 and single – many think I am not serious and something’s wrong with me as I don’t live REAL, NORMAL life… oh well… I feel happy and grateful that I don’t match their standarts of normal life 🙂

        12. Kudos. As someone who’s always had a bit of wanderlust and recently began traveling solo I have to admit that I hate those convos as well. The world is so much bigger than our own home towns or countries, why not explore it??
          I decided last year to take a long weekend in Ireland ( I live in the U.S) for my 30th birthday. As I began buying tickets and researching, my trip grew. I ended up taking 18 days and going to 5 countries ( England, Italy, Greece, Netherlands and Ireland). Best experience of my life. I’m already planning my next trip for my 31st birthday!
          I hear the money excuse all the time. When I tell people that my trip (tickets, airbnb, gifts, food etc) cost less than $4000 ($2000 for tickets and airbnb) their jaws usually drop.
          As you said, if you really want something, you’ll make it happen!

          Safe travels!!!!

        13. Especially #6 “Wouldn’t it be time to grow up, get married and start having children? You know, have a REAL life?” Who wrote the rules on how to live life, anyways!

        14. The fear based questions drive me bonkers the most. I think for me my irritations come more from other travellers ironically. All the travel “clicks” … “Have you been to Asia yet? No ? Oh you haven’t really travelled then really” … or the ones that claim that our favouring Europe or not doing the around the world backpacking thing makes us “lesser” travelers. Those are the questions that drive me nuts. The ones asked as a tool to judge.

        15. Hello! So accurate your post! I can accept every excuse except for no5! Even if you re still studying and depend on your parents you cant use them as a shield. They ll always be against you doing dangerous things or be away from their protection but the glass has to break someday. For your own good first of all!

        16. Yeah, these questions are indeed very annoying. However, I do often tell people “I’d love to visit . I’m so jealous!” and I probably will go, one day, but I can’t do everything at once. Lol. The questions I can relate to the most are “aren’t you gonna settle down and start a real life soon?” (it’s mainly my parents who say that) and “aren’t you afraid?” (the only time I’ve ever been robbed was in the city I live in, the only time I experienced someone trying to groom me into human trafficking – watching tons of documentaries on the subject helped me realize what was going on before anything happened – was in the previous city I lived in. And only time I’ve had someone stalking me, was in my hometown).

        17. The job, house and kids thing. I am in a different age bracket than you. I am 44 my partner is 55. We never wanted kids. So we get this variation “yeah well you don’t have kids so of course you have time/money to travel”. Drives. Me. Nuts.

          First off yes. That was the choice. But secondly I call BULLSHIT. There are enough family travel bloggers for me to share for this DINK to know it’s just another excuse. Plus I travel with my DOG! Talk about logistics.

          1. I heard, “That’s radical!” from a relative when we told her we were quitting our jobs to move to Rome. We also got a lot of wide-eye expressions from others. But my all time favorite comment (in a GOOD way) was from my financial advisor, who whole-heartedly supported us. He said, “Oh good! I thought you were going to say you wanted to buy a boat!” Go live life your way!

        18. I love how people judge what you’re doing! most likely they are just jealous! But my favourite is the normal life comment! Seriously no one can define what a normal life is! Haha
          Great post! Love it!!

        19. This is spot on! I found myself saying “yes!!!” at my phone for every point. The worst is when people say they can’t travel because they don’t have a blog/get it paid for… I save all my money for travel because it’s not all free and I’ve had to invest four years of time to get here.

          Loved this!

          Jodie x

        20. Hi Gemma, I do love your post! What I hate most is the “Wouldn´t it be time to start a family – you are already 33”. Ahhhhhhhhh….. no it is not – not yet!!! Thanks for sharing. So funny to read 🙂

        21. LOL annoying isnt it. I am actually married. But when I tell people what I do for a living, they always say: you must be single, no one can have a relationship like this. Er, okay…. I have learned to practise deep sighs 😉

        22. Yes to all of this. People always assume we have all this money to travel like this. What they are forgetting is when you own a home or rent an apartment, and THEN travel on top of it, sure it gets expensive. But we work from home, don’t have a place we pay for “back home.” Our “home” is anywhere we are at the moment. And the aren’t you afraid of xyz?!?! My response is usually “xyz would be more likely to happen in Chicago or NYC….” which usually gets them to agree.

        23. People are just so judgemental – i am culprite of the first one, i admit – but i travel a lot and just can’t always fit stuff in when in one area… i just love the language one Or the kids argument…

        24. “Wouldn’t it be time to grow up, get married and start having children? You know, have a REAL life?”

          My honest answer: My life is more real than yours will even be…
          My polite, real answer: Give them a fake smile and change the subject…

        25. Hello, yes I can relate, I also get the same types of comments along with the constant comment “Isn’t that expensive?”
          I have a college friend visiting next month that I haven’t seen in 18 years that behave like this. I think we are going to class because she doesn’t like to step out the box and try new things thinking “It’s too expensive” if it’s too fancy or elegant. It sounds like a low self-esteem thing thinking she is now worth treating herself to the finer things in life.

        26. Your list covered it all. The one I hate is…”It’s so dangerous. What if…”, I just say you have to be careful going to School, Macdonald’s or Walmart a concert, a mall, a theater in the USA, how is THAT not frightening and

        27. You literally read my mind and put in better words. It’s really irritating to hear such nonsense. The 4th one- I just hate hearing this. I could never understand why people are so concerned about me or maybe about my travelling.

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